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CompanyIBS is specialized in planning, producing, installing, supervising and maintaining technical air traffic control facilities.

As a service provider in the aeronautics industry, our field of activities includes planning, building and maintaining technical air traffic control systemsas well as radio and navigation systems, meteorological equipment up to airport lighting systems.

We also support our airport clients regarding the feasibility of projects in respect obstacle clearance requirements (in accordance with article 12 of the German Air Traffic Law (“Luftverkehrsgesetz”) and the compatibility of projects (in accordance with article 18a of the German Air Traffic Law) with the systems already being used at airports. We also deal with data administration with regard to ADQ-capable planning data sets (CAD).

Guiding airports about air traffic control systems is another competence of expertise. Together with our partners we support airports with the requirements of creating comprehensive documentation and create required statistics regarding aircraft-generated noise. Before the company’s founding in 2010, our team had already gathered many years of experience concerning technical air traffic control systems at German airports.

Our team has been assisting our partners in the field of CNS technology since 2007 when the Single European Sky Regulations in all technical aspects were set in force.

We’re based at Bodensee Airport in Friedrichshafen from there we support and serve our customers all over Germany.

Our ServicesIntegration services and technical services in the field of airport and air traffic control.


  • Air-to-Ground Communication Systems
  • Ground-to-Ground Communication Systems
  • Voice Communications Systems (VCS)
  • Voice Documentation Systems




  • Instrument Landing Systems (ILS)
  • Distance Measuring Equipments (DME)
  • Non-Directional Beacons (NDB)
  • Direction Finder Systems


  • Air Situation Systems
  • Multilateralization Systems (MLAT)

Power Supply

  • Airport Power Systems
    • Emergency Power Supply Units
    • Uninterrupted Power Supply Units


  • Flight Data Systems
  • Photometric Measurements
  • Flight Plan Systems
  • Automatic Terminal Information Services (ATIS SmartMet )
  • Airfield Lightning Systems
  • HEIMDALL CAT I/II/III Category Level Display Systems


  • Weather Systems
  • Automatic Weather Information Systems (AWOS) and Sensors
  • IceCast Warning Systems


  • Expert opinion and assessments for building projects and construction site facilities close to airports and their possible influence regarding obstacle clearance requirements and telecommunication systems

and more

  • ATC Headset Distributor (Sennheiser)
  • Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS)
  • Flight Noise Measurement Systems

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